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Aluminum Materials For Anodizing

  • Anodizing Construction Appliance
The anodized materials are mainly used for roof and interior/exterior decoration, which possess the characteristics of good metallictiy, nice decoration, stable process, consistent color and gloss, anti-oxidation, durable, self-cleaning, good insulation, low maintenance cost, high strength and hardness, high grade heat-resistance and fireproofing etc. Main alloy is 5005.
AQ materials for construction application (5005A)
--Good metallicity, consistent color and gloss, nice decoration;
--Anti-oxidation, good insulation, high strength and hardness, high grade heat-resistance and fireproofing.

Fujian Hainason Trading Co. Limited

  •  Automobile Decorated Bright Strip

With excellent surface quality and remarkable mirror Effectiveness anodized, aluminium is used in automobile decoration, which automobile decorated bright strip has succeeded in replaceing imports. The products are mainly applied to the interiors and exteriors, window area, auto pedal and body side moldings of automotive as well.

Fujian Hainason Trading Co. Limited