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We create and nurture meaningful relationships between our customers and suppliers.

We focus on adding value, improving supply outcomes, and integrating within our partners to develop procurement strategy

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About Us

Hainason is an Aluminum Project Solution to our customers and suppliers.

Experienced in Aluminum products of Plate, Sheet, Coil, Pipe and Tube, and Fittings Working on aligning ourself with key aluminum processing mills in China along the supply chain and identifying new opportunities in the market to offer the most cost effective and up to date products and service to all its clientele.

Hainason is built on the success of our partners. Our success reflects theirs.


Aluminum Materials for Automobile

Aluminum Materials For Transportation

Aluminum Materials For Marine

Aluminum Materials For Construction


Aluminum For Packaging

Structural Component For Electronic Products

Aluminum Materials For Anodizing

  • Anodizing Construction Appliance
  • Automobile Decorated Bright Strip
  • Electronic Devices Appliance

Aluminum Materials for New Energy Battery

Tread Plate / Propeller

Aluminum Pre-coated coils and Sheets