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The iPhone 6 s will use colorful aluminum alloy shell

Apple finally hair product, is the new iPod touch, but there is no open conference, just updated the product information online store.In addition to the processor performance improvement to meet the needs of future iOS9, color aluminum body is the highlight of the new iPod touch.
Fujian Hainason Trading Co. Limited
Predictably, in the next year or two mobile phone industry will also bring about a colorful aluminum alloy shell, colorful shell is no longer the iPhone 5 c kind of patent plastic machine.Extrapolating the upcoming iPhone in September 6 s adopts colorful case almost became nailing on the plate.Why is aluminum alloy has become the industry of darling, rather than the iPhone 4 and millet 4 with stainless steel?
Fujian Hainason Trading Co. Limited
Stainless steel is has its advantages, the most obvious is the intensity is high, very strong.After the iPhone 4 s for the iPhone 5, we found that although the thinning of the machine, but without fell, knock against, or slightly off the ground will leave a scar.More funny is, there are a lot of people put the iPhone 5 sat bent around a result his cell phone.
Fujian Hainason Trading Co. Limited
The shortcomings of stainless steel is also evident, the heavy and difficult to machining, and surface cannot be colored, only in silver.Even forced spray paint, such as mobile phones often surface friction products will soon appear off the paint.
Some of the most classic iPhone 4 is in the stainless steel frame
For aluminum alloy (and mainly refers to the magnesium alloy) on mobile phones while easy to bend, but very light, also a lot more easily than stainless steel processing.Light this time is very popular among mobile phone manufacturers, now it is more than a advantages: by anodic oxidation technology with all kinds of bright colors.
IPhone 5 s began offering of silver, black, gold is not enough, now the colorful shell can be said to be the next iPhone color matching of the iPod touch a bellwether.If you have already can't help but want to experience the iPhone pink, pale green, can buy such a shell on taobao to their mobile phone change, do manual work is very similar to the original factory, just need considerable ability.It's not like change a condom so simple.
To sum up, the magnesium alloy compared with stainless steel has the following features:
1. The light
2. Easy to processing
3. The color changing
Defect is just as well as stainless steel solid.
Said a digression, if want to strong and want to please light, that is only the use of titanium alloy.But it is more expensive, and processing difficulty is the military level, the melting point of titanium has more than 1600 degrees, iron is of more than 1500 degrees, and aluminum only 660 degrees.